Elevate Minnesota is an organization comprised of 80,000 union members from 14 of Minnesota’s private sector building and construction trade unions. We’re giving a voice to your union friends and neighbors who are out in the community building a better Minnesota, one day at a time. And truthfully, it’s about time you heard from us.

Our point of view

Unions have long been a vital and stabilizing part of your community. In recent years, as more manufacturing has shifted overseas and union membership has slightly declined, you’ve likely become less familiar with your local unions and their impact on your state, your community, and your day-to-day life. Most information that Minnesotans receive about unions comes from the media, politicians and other non-union points of view. We’re here to change that.


Raising the bar

Unions like ours raise the bar for all of us, here’s how: The 80,000 union members we represent are out there every day building the roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and skyscrapers that Minnesotans rely on. And they’re building our infrastructure in partnership with private construction companies – a relationship that ensures the highest quality products are built by the highest quality workers. Workers that are trained through union-funded training apprenticeship programs, at no cost to aspiring tradesmen and women. These middle-class careers in the trades also mean our union members have the resources and the skills to give back to their communities. In fact, our members have been known to spend their free time fundraising for veterans in their communities, wiring Habitat for Humanity Homes, volunteering to construct a new dugout for a local Little League team, and more.


Why it matters to you

Now more than ever, unions need your support. So what does it mean to stand with us? If you stand with Elevate Minnesota and our 80,000 union members, you stand for:

  • Fewer Minnesotans living in poverty. States with more union members see higher household incomes and fewer people below the poverty line.
  • Efficient and effective use of your tax dollars. When union laborers take on a job, there’s higher productivity, lower turnover, improved workforce communication and a better-trained workforce on the job. In addition, zero tax dollars are used to fund our union training centers or member benefits like salaries and pensions.
  • A strong and sustainable middle class. In fact, unions train more Americans each year than colleges and universities, and our apprenticeships lead to stable, well-paying jobs.

How you can help

You might not be in a union, or know anyone who is. But that’s doesn’t mean you can’t show your support for your union friends and neighbors out there building the infrastructure you rely on every day. Take a minute to leave them a thank you here and add your name to the list of Minnesotans who stand for building a better community for us all.


Our unions

The following local private sector unions serve your community every day, and they’re the laborers and craftspeople behind Elevate Minnesota. Visit their websites to learn more about their work, their private sector partners, and their no-cost apprenticeship training programs:

Contact Elevate Minnesota at info@elevateminnesota.org.

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