Apprenticeships: Your pathway to becoming an Elevator


Apprenticeships: Your pathway to becoming an Elevator

Imagine getting the opportunity to learn how to do what you love without having to take out a single student loan. Now imagine getting that hands-on training, and getting paid for it.

That’s a union apprenticeship.

Each Elevate Minnesota union has an apprenticeship program in place to ensure its members and their private sector partners are successful in building a strong, vibrant Minnesota. Through technical training and hands-on learning, apprentices become valuable contributors to a job site. And, you’re immediately part of the union environment, meaning you’re part of a team who gives back to its communities every day. And with on-the-job experience, apprentices learn from the best, carrying on the legacy and high quality standards of the tradesmen and women who came before them.

Interested in leaving a legacy on the communities you call home? Hoping to work with your hands in a challenging and impactful environment? Looking for a reliable wage for a hard day’s work? Check out the resources below for more detailed information:

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