Union members give back

Unions are active in their local communities, with members giving their time, expertise and money to the people that need it most. Elevate Minnesota’s members take the time to improve the areas they live and work in, whether that means coaching a Little League baseball team or volunteering for the Red Cross.

Supporting communities and economies

When there’s a strong union workforce in an area, studies show that the surrounding economy experiences a noticeable lift. Combined with members’ variety of charitable acts, Minnesota’s blue-collar building and construction trade unions are ensuring that our communities prosper on both economic and personal levels.

Fast facts

Learn more about our unions and their members’ commitment to community with these quick stats.

  • Minnesota has the highest percentage of veterans in the construction workforce
  • A union member contributes 30% more to charities than a non-union worker
  • More than $10M of time, skill and money donated by our unions every year
  • Non-union workers in a unionized industry earn 5% more than similar workers in non-union industries

Unions have a wide impact

Studies conducted by the Midwest Economic Policy Institute have found a number of ways that unions improve the communities where members live, work and play. By giving a voice to workers in policy decisions that impact their livelihoods, reducing inequality through improved diversity and wages, and supporting families with better work benefits, union membership ensures the overall health and well-being of our communities. Read more

Help that saves lives

Project Heat’s On is a community service event organized by the Minnesota Pipe Trades Association in partnership with local Community Action agencies, providing free furnace inspection and repairs to elderly, disabled, and low-income homeowners. As temperatures fall, local unions are working to protect the most vulnerable members of our communities from the harsh weather. Read more