Is Elevate Minnesota made up of public or private unions?

A public-sector union represents government workers, like police officers, firemen, sanitation workers, teachers, transit operators and a variety of other public servants. Any occupation that’s at least partially funded by tax dollars falls within the bounds of the public sector.

Private-sector trade unions represent anyone that’s not a government worker, like our blue-collar building and construction tradesmen and women. They are employed by private construction companies and work on innumerable projects, from public structures like libraries, schools and highways, to private buildings for companies like Target, 3M, HealthPartners, Xcel Energy and more. Private-sector workers can be hired for government jobs, but they must be paid at the Prevailing Wage, due to a piece of legislation called the Davis-Bacon Act.

Elevate Minnesota is comprised of local unions that represent 80,000 operating engineers, metalworkers, plumbers, electricians, roofers, truck drivers and other tradespeople. Here are a few of the local unions that make up Elevate Minnesota:

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