Making a difference in Minnesota.

Minnesota’s workforce is among the strongest in the nation, and unions keep it strong. Get vital information on how unions are making life better in your own backyard.

Why are there local and national unions?

National and local unions work hand in hand to ensure that workers voices are heard at every level of their government and community. Local unions are typically focused on smaller worker groups, specific employers and local policy. Their level of involvement is determined by the needs of their members. Local unions often seek membership or…

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How many Minnesotans belong to labor unions?

Among all 50 states, Minnesota ranks 11th for union membership with roughly 365,000 union members across public- and private-sector organizations. Elevate Minnesota’s blue-collar building and construction trade unions make up 80,000 equipment operators, painters, electricians, laborers and many more. For more stories about how Minnesotans benefit from our high union participation, take a look at…

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Is Elevate Minnesota made up of public or private unions?

A public-sector union represents government workers, like police officers, firemen, sanitation workers, teachers, transit operators and a variety of other public servants. Any occupation that’s at least partially funded by tax dollars falls within the bounds of the public sector. Private-sector trade unions represent anyone that’s not a government worker, like our blue-collar building and…

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