The security of trained labor

Strict standards and extensive training mean that union workers produce structures of the highest quality. From groundbreaking to grand opening, the men and women who make up Elevate Minnesota always make safety and quality their top priorities.

Greater accountability

When employers and builders want the best, they hire union labor. That’s because labor unions demand the same quality benchmarks that employers do, leading to a partnership that’s formed on excellence and accountability. A wide variety of private sector contractors have longstanding partnerships with union labor that are built on a standard of excellence and responsibility, leading to huge successes like US Bank Stadium.

Fast facts

Check out a few examples of how Elevate Minnesota’s commitment to quality standards make a difference for employers and the community.

  • At least 4,000 hours of mandatory training per worker
  • 100% of workers are OSHA certified
  • Union worksites are 17% more productive than non-union worksites
  • 14% fewer lost worktime claims for union workers

Expertise on the job

There’s no shortage of reasons for builders to use union labor, but a standout benefit is the extensive training that each worker brings to the job site. Employers know that when they hire union workers, they’re getting a level of experience that ensures safety, efficiency and quality at the job site. Read More

Standards mean more hometown pride

The new US Bank Stadium was built with union labor, and the workers’ dedication and commitment to their craft brought the project in on time, and under budget. When millions of taxpayer dollars were on the line, Mortenson Construction knew that they could count on union labor to deliver excellence and efficiency. Read More