Real career opportunities for real people

Minnesota’s local building and construction trade unions are actively involved in creating a skilled and diverse workforce. With a focus on professional benefits and extensive training, local trade unions invest in their members, offering an equal path to success for every worker.

The need for more trained workers

With four out of five construction firms in Minnesota unable to find enough skilled workers, the training and instruction that trade unions provide is becoming even more valuable. With construction leaping over healthcare to become the fastest-growing industry in America, the demand for high-quality trade work is rising very quickly.

Fast facts

Take a look to see how committed Minnesota’s labor unions are when it comes to developing a skilled workforce.

  • $0 taxpayer dollars spent on union training
  • 100% of union training is funded by the unions themselves
  • 3–5 years of training for union members—free of charge
  • For every $1 a union members pays in, they receive $5 of benefit

A lifetime of benefits

Union member workers earn almost $10 more per hour than their non-union equivalents, but that’s only part of the story. Union workers are eligible for a host of training and apprenticeship opportunities, 93% of union workers are entitled to medical coverage, and members have greater access to retirement and paid leave benefits. Read more

Training that gives workers options

When Eric Oliverus graduated high school, he had a drive to help the people around him … but he didn’t know how. When he joined the Plumbers Local 15 in 2012, the organization showed him a career path where he had choices beyond what a traditional college could provide. Read more