Bringing innovation to private sector business partnerships


Bringing innovation to private sector business partnerships

When a lot of people think construction unions, they think of relics of the past. Certainly not workers or organizations on the forefront of energy efficiencies and green technologies. But that’s just what the mechanical insulators at Local 34 have been doing, particularly during slower economic times – training their apprentices on the innovative solutions that will save their private company partners money and bring greater efficiencies to their insulation systems.

Enter the Green Awareness in the Mechanical Insulation Industry training. The training was developed by the Local 34 labor union, in partnership with the U.S. Green Building Council in response to growing demand for LEED certified-workers and -construction, desired amongst the folks both constructing and remodeling buildings and those and working and living in them.

Mechanical insulation – the precision covering of interior building systems to keep the hot things hot and the cool things cool – is a proven green technology that not only conserves energy, but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The Green Awareness in the Mechanical Insulation Industry training has helped Local 34 provide highly skilled workers to its contractor partners – like Kusske Mechanical Insulation, MAVO Systems, Inc., and NYCO, Inc. – while helping Minnesota meet the challenges of rising energy costs and environmental concerns.

Apprentices like Adriane enrolled in Local 34 training programs, including the Green Awareness training, can look forward to a career in a field that is not only personally rewarding, but also on that is helping the businesses and the state of Minnesota meet the challenges of energy conservation and environmental protection.

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