Mark Doble – Local 49 Union Operator


Mark Doble – Local 49 Union Operator

Mark Doble is a two-year member of Local 49 who has made a difference in his local community and nationwide. As a volunteer for the Red Cross for the past 11 years Doble has been deployed to 22 different disasters.

Doble has worked for the Metropolitan Council (MET Council) as a wastewater treatment operator at the Seneca Plant in Eagan for the past four years. Doble was formerly a member of Local 49’s sister Local – Local 35 – before they merged with Local 49 two years ago.

Being a union operator is something Doble says has been in the family for generations.

“I am a fourth generation union operator, and my grandfather helped start Local 35,” Doble said.

Now as a part of Local 49, he said it is a unique experience going from a small local to one of the largest unions in the state of Minnesota.

“It’s great having a lot of brothers and sisters,” Doble said. “I try to stay involved and attend every meeting, and last year I was also involved in the Day at the Capitol.”

Originally, Doble went to school to obtain his culinary degree. Prior to his time at the MET Council, he was a sous-chef at Target Field’s Champion’s Club restaurant, which is a union restaurant.

“Being from a union family has had a very strong influence in my life, and I try my best to support the union as much as I can,” Doble said. “Part of the reason I got the job at Target Field was because I knew it was union and I try to choose jobs within the union.”

Being a part of the union is not Doble’s only passion. As a volunteer for the Red Cross, Doble has traveled across the country helping thousands of people in need. Doble’s first experience volunteering for the Red Cross was in 2007 after the Interstate-35W bridge collapse.

“The I-35W Bridge collapse was my very first response, and it was a very traumatic experience,” Doble said. “But the Red Cross has a great support system around us.”

Doble said one of the more memorable volunteer experiences he had was responding to the recent Flint, Michigan water crisis.

“I was senior leadership during this time and I was responsible for planning how we distributed water to the residents of Flint,” he said.

Doble estimated that there was more than a million gallons of water to be distributed, and they are still giving out water to this day.

“If we weren’t there to help the people in those communities, they would have never gotten water,” Doble said. “There was such a distrust there that certain communities would only take water from the Red Cross and no one else.”

In addition to the Flint, Michigan water crisis, Doble responded to the 2010 Memphis, Tennessee flood, which flooded the Grand Ole Opry. He was in charge of distributing food during that disaster.

2010 was a memorable year for Doble. He was the recipient of the highly distinguished Red Cross Volunteer of the Year award and got to meet President Obama as a result.

“I really feel that I need to give back to my community. It’s an important part of being a member of a community,” Doble said.

Doble doesn’t plan to quit volunteering any time soon.

“When I first joined the Red Cross I was never a hugger. Well, I became one again because that’s just what being a Red Cross volunteer does to you,” Doble said with a laugh.

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