Matt Greenwood – Little League Coach and Proud Union Member


Matt Greenwood – Little League Coach and Proud Union Member

It’s National Little League Month, made possible with the help of your local union friends like Matt Greenwood. As a 12-year Little League coach and 18-year union member, Matt’s a man of commitment. He committed to his sons when he began coaching, because he never wanted to look back and wish he had done more for them.

With his union job in Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 1, Matt could count on a steady job with stable hours. His reliable schedule made it possible to commit to the most important job of a Little League coach – always being there when kids need it most.

He thinks that’s one side of unions that people don’t think about. With the security and fair wages of his job, he can give back to the community for his kids and yours. That’s why he encourages more people to think about getting into the trades and unions. “If you’re interested in a rewarding and financially stable career, give the union a shot,” Matt said. “Work hard and good things will happen if you have an open mind.”

Matt’s not the only one giving back to Little League either. Just last year, other members from Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 1 built a whole dugout for a local field. Unions give back to the causes their members care about, like giving kids pride in their fields and themselves.