Minnesota’s construction unions go prime time


Minnesota’s construction unions go prime time

The hard-working men and women of labor, who build the roads, bridges, schools, hospitals, and office buildings that Minnesotans rely on every day, might be the last to brag about their good work. Not to mention the broader impact their middle class union salaries do for our economy, or the benefits that come from the millions of dollars they collectively donate to local charities each year.

But that’s exactly what we did on February 4, 2018. During the Super Bowl. Which took place in the downtown Minneapolis stadium that was 100 percent union-built.

So why a primetime TV spot? Why an ad for workers? Well, it turns out, a lot of folks, even your friends and neighbors, aren’t sure that unions are still necessary and important. Some might not appreciate the long shifts and frigid temperatures you endure. All so that the rest of us can have safe, reliable buildings to live, work, play and heal in. And a lot of folks don’t see the benefits union dues bring not only to the workers but to the communities they live in. Like the softball teams they coach or the Habitat for Humanity houses they build or the lower-income homes they refurbish alongside local service agencies. See for yourself:

A final note of thanks to all those friends of labor who made this spot possible. It couldn’t have come together so beautifully without your generosity and the good work you do serving our great state. Special thanks to:

And, most especially, to the members of the 14 unions that make up Elevate Minnesota, a handful of whom are making their debut television appearance in this ad! Read more about them here and also here.