Improving how America works

Unions have been instrumental in making work better for all Americans. From fighting for fair wages to establishing a 40-hour work week, many of the efforts that define work in the United States have been led by unions. The unions that make up Elevate Minnesota are proud to continue in a tradition of making real progress for the benefit of workers everywhere.

From generation to generation

It’s not only about building an America that supports its workers—it’s personal, too. Union families pass knowledge of their trades down to their children, support the next generation through community work, and show just how important it is to get your hands dirty. The union legacy goes beyond policy; it’s embedded in the DNA of the Minnesotan workforce.

Fast facts

Find out more about how unions have been at the forefront of positive changes for the nation and the state of Minnesota.

  • Unions workers earn an average of 20% more than their non-unionized peers
  • 100% of worker protections are union-backed or union-generated
  • 500,000 workers have been saved by those protections
  • Union members are 60% more likely to have a pension plan than non-union workers

Making MN stand out

St. Croix Crossing, Mayo Clinic, the University of Minnesota, the Mall of America, US Bank Stadium, our roads, bridges and office buildings have all been built by union labor. Our state’s iconic buildings are a testament to the strength and expertise of the union workforce. Read more

A personal legacy

Union matters often play out on a national stage, but it’s the personal stories of union members and their families that are woven into the fabric of America. When Anne McKeig’s family lost everything, union members banded together to help them get back on their feet—a memory that she has carried all the way to the Minnesota Supreme Court. Read more